I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.
—Mother Teresa

My Mission is to teach & support people in learning the truth about how to get/ stay healthy, prevent/reverse chronic disease & age slow while enjoying life. I strive to be respectful of each individual–tuning into their uniqueness, their goals & their learning style. My biggest challenge: presenting information that is extremely contradicting to what most people believe to be true regarding diet & nutrition.

Once we get past these dogmatic myths–perpetuated the past 100+ years (junk science makes a lot of money!) and don some armor to shield ourselves against the blast of ever growing crap—designed to keep us sick & dependent on processed food & medications (money!). Once we quit drinking the “Kool-Aid” of the ever present modern medicine-big pharma-processed food industry paradigm and realize these multibillion dollar enterprises at interested in their bottom line NOT human health.

Note: Modern medicine deserves much praise in areas such as acute care and trauma etc. It is truly alarming that this great-rich country-the USA- ranks dead last (amongst developed countries) in Health & Vitality while at the same time spends the most money on health care.

SCAM of the Century: LOW FAT DIETS & the CHOLESTEROL Myth

https://cholesterolcode.com  *  https://www.thefatemperor.com

If you are consuming a low fat diet you are on a slippery slope of health problems you will probably not be happy with. Common: gallbladder disease-insulin resistance-diabetes-hypertension-arthritis-autoimmune issues, etc. All typically treated with drugs or surgery– which paves the path for more serious conditions such as heart disease, cancer & Alzheimer’s. Don’t swallow the excuses of “it’s just part of getting older ” or “it’s in your family history.”

It is not easy going against the flow but I do believe there is an easy path—you will become a leader & teacher giving others the courage to make changes they previously were too afraid to do.

The Easy Path: once you are past the first few weeks or so of transition you will feel great! You will be excited & motivated to continue your healing path—which may be a couple of months or maybe even a year. Perfection is not required (or encouraged). I will help you adopt your own personalized version of an OPTIMAL diet.

Once healed you will undoubtedly know intuitively if/when you want to add back some of foods that you needed to avoid during your healing phase.  Staying healthy is much easier than getting healthy.  Here’s to THRIVING vs surviving.

What’s up with Wheat?
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The Magic Pill clip Trailer Official Trailer
Healthy Eating Documentry 2017 – Youtube

GOOD FOOD: Butter, Cream, Cheese, Eggs, Bacon, Coconut Oil, Beef, Wild Salmon, Oysters, Sardines, Duck, Sauerkraut, Asparagus, Berries……

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