A Modern Day Plague is Upon Us

The Primary Culprits are:

1. Vegetable/Seed Oils such as Canola, Soy, Corn, Cottonseed, Safflower & Grape Seed Oils


2. Processed/Refined/Fortified (artificial “vitamins”) FOOD & excess Refined Sugars


3. FEAR of Natural FATS like butter, cream, tallow, lard, egg yolks, poultry skin, etc.


4. LOW PROTEIN consumption. The current average Protein consumption in the US is 12% compared to our ancestors estimated to be 30-35%.


5. PHARMAGEDDON “the prospect of a world in which medicine produces more ill-health than health, & when medical progress does more harm than good.” Our modern medical paradigm too often focuses on the treatment of a symptom rather than the underlying cause. 

Know someone who has spent many years pursuing a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle? –- exercises, eats “healthy” (usually means skim milk, fat-free yogurt, whole wheat, lots of salads, fruits & vegetables, skinless chicken breasts, etc) – then, to their shock (& your shock)–gets diagnosed with arthritis, cancer diabetes, heart disease or some other serious condition??

WHY you ask?  They did everything right!  Or DID they???

Did they follow the FAD? aka “the 50 year lie?!?”

Or maybe “genetics” is to blame? NOT likely as most diseases are more related to diet/lifestyle & deficiencies than to genetics.

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